DJI Inspire 3:
A New 8K Drone
for Filmmakers

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Last edited on April 13th 2023


If you are a professional filmmaker or videographer who needs a cinema-grade drone that can capture stunning aerial footage in 8K resolution, you might want to check out the new DJI Inspire 3. This is the latest and most advanced model in DJI's Inspire series, which has been the choice of many Hollywood directors and cinematographers for years.

If you want to buy the Inspire 3, you have to pay a premium price. The Inspire 3 costs $13,200 USD on DJI's website.

Inspire 3 vs Inspire 2

The Inspire 3 is the successor to DJI's longstanding professional filming drone - the Inspire 2, which was released way back in 2016. The new Inspire 3 is 20 percent more aerodynamic, and can operate for 28 minutes, which is 5 minutes longer than the Inspire 2. It also has a more powerful propulsion system that can reach speeds of up to 94 km/h and withstand winds of up to 14 m/s.

DJI Inspire 3

X9-8K Air: The New Professional Camera System from DJI

But the most impressive feature of the Inspire 3 is the new camera system. The Inspire 3 comes with a detachable X9-8K Air full-frame camera that can record 8K/25FPS CinemaDNG and 8K/75FPS Apple ProRes RAW. It also has a dual native ISO of 800 and 6400, which means it can capture exquisite detail and minimal noise - even in low-light environments. The camera has a 45-megapixel sensor and a Zenmuse X9-8K gimbal that can rotate 360 degrees and tilt up to 135 degrees. The camera also supports interchangeable lenses, including a 24mm f/2.8 lens, a 35mm f/2.0 lens, and a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

Vision & RTK Positioning Enables New Possibilities

The Inspire 3 also boasts some advanced features that make it easier and safer to fly. It has an omnidirectional sensing system that works with four stereo vision sensors, two infrared sensors, and two ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles in all directions. It also integrates high-precision RTK positioning to deliver centimeter-level accuracy. Moreover, it has a robust O3 Pro transmission system that supports 1080p/60fps live feeds and an ultra-low latency of 90 ms within a 15km max range.

Built for Professional Filmmakers

The Inspire 3 is designed for top-level professional use cases, such as TV and film productions, documentaries, commercials, sports, weddings, and more. It can deliver stunning cinematic footage that rivals those of high-end cameras on the ground. It can also be controlled by two operators: one for the drone and one for the camera. This allows for more creative freedom and collaboration.

How Much Does the New Inspire 3 Cost?

If you want to buy the Inspire 3, you have to pay a premium price. The Inspire 3 costs $13,200 USD on DJI's website. It comes with everything you need to fly and capture stunning 8K footage. You get the drone, the camera, the RC Plus controller, six batteries, a charging hub, a 1TB PROSSD, three pairs of propellers, a trolley case, a camera case, a lens box with four lenses, a data cable, an AC cable, a strap and a waist support for the controller, and a screwdriver

Pre-Order the Inspire 3 Today

The Inspire 3 is currently available for pre-order on DJI's official website and will be available starting from 9 AM (EDT) April 14, 2023. If you are interested in getting your hands on this amazing drone, you might want to act fast as the demand is expected to be high.

Is the Inspire 3 Compatible with Third Party Apps?

Many drone enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the release of the Inspire 3, the latest model from DJI that promises to deliver unparalleled performance and features. However, some users are wondering if they will be able to use their favorite third party applications with the new drone, such as Litchi, DroneDeploy, or Pix4D. Unfortunately, DJI has not yet confirmed or denied whether the Inspire 3 will support any third party applications, leaving many in the dark. This is especially frustrating for those who own the Inspire 2, use third party apps, and are looking to update their drone. It's still unclear whether the Inspire 3 will be compatible with any third party applications. All anyone can do is wait for DJI to make an announcement on third party support for the Inspire 3.

Are You Excited About the Inspire 3?

At Snap Drone Rentals, we are always looking for ways to provide our customers with the best drones for their needs. We are very excited about the new DJI Inspire 3 and we hope to add it to our fleet soon. However, we do not have it yet because as of writing this blog post the Inspire 3 has not started shipping. We would love to hear your feedback on this drone. Would you rent an Inspire 3? Do you have projects you would use the Inspire 3 for? Reach out and let us know. We appreciate your input.

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